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For information about how to obtain Specialized Services for Medicaid members,
contact Magellan of Iowa at 800-638-8820 or visit:

For questions on policy or procedures in Iowa, contact Iowa Program Manager Lila Starr: 515-281-5318 or

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A message to Iowa PASRR providers from DHS:

The Iowa Geriatric Education Center (IGEC) is pleased to announce the 2015 Geriatric Lecture Series. They are once again able to offer the Geriatric Lecture Series at no cost to you! This series offers an excellent way to earn nursing CEUs while learning about the latest practices in addressing the needs of older Iowans from your own computer. Each lecture in the series is available to you for one month, and you can view it any time that is convenient for you. The CEUs will be earned if you complete the evaluation at the conclusion of each lecture.

The first lecture is scheduled to be available ot view on Wednesday, April 1. This year's series will run from April to December.

If you wish to register for the series, you must simply send an e-mail to the IGEC with your name, your discipline (e.g. nursing, social work, medicine), and your organization or facility name and they will register you. Please send your email to: You will receive your registration confirmation e-mail from IGEC within a week or so. It will include your username and password for accessing the lectures.

A flyer that includes the schedule for the series is available under Provider Tools. Feel free to share it with your colleagues. As always, the order of lectures is subject to change due to presenters' schedules. Additional information and any changes will be noted on the IGEC website

Iowa Department of Human Services Informational Letter No. 1482 is to serve as a reminder about requirements for submission of a resident review when a member has a status change, and to provide additional information regarding the use of the web-based tracking system for PASRR. This important letter is available through the IME website. Click here to access Informational Letter No. 1482

Iowa DHS would like you to be aware of how to access the latest issue and past issues of Aging Watch, as well as how to subscribe:

The Iowa Department on Aging is pleased to announce the Dec. 23, 2014 issue of AgingWatch has been posted online at:

This issue and past issues are archived on the Department website at:

Feel free to share this publication with others. Subscription information is inlcuded on the last page.

Click here to view instructions for reporting DSM-5 diagnoses to Ascend.

A message to Iowa PASRR providers from DHS:

Iowa Medicaid Enterprise letter #1434 offers information about resources for individuals with disabilities and specialized services that may be needed to meet their needs. Click here to access the letter.

If you were unable to attend one of the provider training webinars on the changes to Iowa PASRR, including the use of PathTracker, or would like to review the presented information, click here to view a recorded session.

On July 28, 2014, Ascend emailed a notification to all Iowa providers to announce changes in the coming months. Starting August 1, 2014, Ascend will begin a new follow-up process for PASRR Level II Specialized Services (SS) recommendations. Monday, September 22 through Friday, September 26, Ascend will hold daily WebEx (webinar) training sessions on a new tracking system that will be offered to nursing facilities. In October, the tracking system will be available and Ascend will begin making time-limited PASRR approvals and performing quality assurance follow-up on 100% of PASRR SS recommendations and on a sample of negative PASRR Level I screens submitted.

To view the full July 28 notification with more details, click here. If you have any questions or concerns about these new processes, please contact Ascend Support Specialist Amanda Oller at or 877-431-1388 ext. 3403 or Lila Starr, Iowa MHDS PASRR Program Manager, at 515-281-5318.

 PASRR Tip of the Month
  • When an individual is referred for a Level II, it is very important to submit necessary medical records to Ascend as soon as possible. This allows our Independent Contractors time to review and gather the best picture of the individual prior to the on-site assessment, that they may incorporate this information into the assessment for the most comprehensive evaluation for the individual's well-being. This also ensures that you will receive a determination either on or before the allotted time frame, as Ascend is not having to wait for these documents at the end of the process.

    Important documents include:
    - History and physical
    - MAR
    - Psychiatric assessment
    - MDS (for current NF residents)
    - Physical, speech, and/or occupational therapy notes
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