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On June 22, 2016, Ascend will be updating its website and applications on To ensure your access will not be affected, please review the User Agreement and Browser Policy.

Iowa PASRR SericeMatters Three-Part Webinar Series: ServiceMatters Walkthrough and DHS Follow Up
NF Staff and PASRR Providers with questions about ServiceMatters should attend the upcoming three-part training webinar series. The sessions will walk Providers through the entire ServiceMatters process and discuss what happens if you are determined to be non-compliant after two ServiceMatters reviews with Ascend.

The webinars will include: 1) Opportunity for questions, 2) Tips for success when preparing for ServiceMatters reviews, 3) Information on what will happen during technical assistance calls with Tammy, and 4) Information on what happens if Ascend reports possible non-compliance to DHS. Use the links below to register.

Part 1: ServiceMatters Process Walkthrough
Tuesday 5/17/16 | 2-3 PM CT | Click here to register

Part 2: "Time with Tammy," How to Prepare, Who and What to Bring to the Technical Assistance Call
Tuesday 5/31/16 | 2-3 PM CT | Click here to register

Part 3: Beyond ServiceMatters - What Happens Next with DHS?
Tuesday 6/14/16 | 2-3 PM CT | Click here to register


Are you new to Iowa PASRR? Do you need assistance with understanding the PASRR Summary of Findings? Are you having trouble finding information on Are you uncertain about how to make best use of the PASRR Care Planning Tools? Are you struggling with how to come into full compliance with new PASRR processes like Pathracker Plus or ServiceMatters? Or would you get like a refresher on any of this information?

This Technical Assistance Webinar is for you. This webinar will provide a walk-through of the PASRR Letter and Summary of Findings, a walk-through of and how to find information, resources and tools, and finally an opportunity to ask questions on the PASRR process.

Click here to register now for the webinar, taking place Tuesday, May 3 from 2 - 3 PM!

The Iowa Department of Human Services, Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME) has released Informational Letter No. 1660-MC, which is to serve as a guide about changes in the process of making referrals for Options Counseling or discharge planning, arising because of Section Q of the Minimum Data Set (MDS 3.0, Section Q).

As of April 1, 2016, these MDS Section Q referrals will no longer be made to Iowa's Aging and Disability Resource Center, but will go instead, through the process described in the letter. This important letter is being sent out via email to all PASRR providers and posted to the Iowa PASRR website and is available on the IME website.

Click here to access Informational Letter No. 1660-MC.

For situations where the need for Options Counseling has been identified as a result of a short term approval for nursing facility placement by PASRR, it will continue to be appropriate for the NF to make referrals to Iowa's Aging and Disability Resource Center,

The Ascend Iowa PASRR Help Desk has sent a series of emails to those on our contact list including helpful tips for Iowa PASRR, PathTracker, and ServiceMatters. These tips follow:
  • Each facility must have a Web Supervisor set up for the Ascend system. These Supervisors will be able to add and deactivate users.
  • To obtain Web Supervisor access, please scroll down to the Supervisor Tools section of this site for instructions on how to register as a Web Supervisor.
  • When setting up access to the Ascend system, please do not use personal email addresses (ex: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) unless this email is associated with your facility or you do not have corporate email.
  • Usernames and account logins should not be shared. Each individual accessing the Ascend system should have their own account.
  • Be sure to terminate any users that are no longer a part of your facility.
  • Important PASRR forms - including PASRR Request Forms, Level I QA Forms, CAR Forms - are available on this page page under Provider Tools.
  • The 7-digit Hospice number can be located by contacting IME and requesting the Iowa Medicaid Provider Number.
  • If you receive a ServiceMatters notification in your email inbox, please check your ServiceMatters Queue to begin the assessment. You have 7 days to complete a ServiceMatters request, starting the day you receive the notice.
  • Contact information for the Iowa PASRR Help Desk is available in the blue box to the left. To ensure you receive these important messages in your inbox, click the blue envelope in the box at the left to sign up for our email list.

Register for the 4/19/16 2 PM CST Technical Assistance Webinar on Behavioral Health Advanced Directives and Safety Planning. This session will feature Alice Bernet, Ascend Clinical Director, who will cover what to do when PASRR identifies the need for specific and individualized plans related to behavioral health, crisis issues, and suicide ideations and gestures.

Click here to register.

Rescheduled Technical Assistance webinar on FAQs! The Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) and Ascend Management Innovations will be hosting an additional webinar on Tuesday, April 5 from 2 to 3 PM CST. This session will cover frequently asked questions and will also offer the opportunity for live questions and answers. Click here to register.

The Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) and Ascend Management Innovations are providing technical assistance (TA) webinars for ongoing Provider Education weekly through the end of March. These important sessions will help your facility comply with the recent Iowa PASRR updates, including ServiceMatters and PathTracker Plus with Links to Payment.

Dates and topics are below - click the topic to register:

Behaviorally Based Treatment Plans (as a Specialized Service) | Tuesday 3/15/16 | 2-3 PM
Care Planning Tool Revisions - Part 3 | Tuesday 3/22/16 | 2-3 PM
Behavioral Health Advanced Directives and Safety Planning | Tuesday 3/29/16 | 2-3 PM

The Care Planning Tool has been updated to make compliant care planning even easier - click here to access the updated tool, also available in the Provider Tools section of this page. This update contains clear guidance for creating compliant care plans for PASRR-identified Specialized and Rehabilitative Services. Here is an overview of the changes you will see in this updated care planning tool:
> Clear guidance on the crucial elements of a compliant care plan
> Tips for supporting the coordination of care among the entire care team
> Preparing for a ServiceMatters review of PASRR-Identified Specialized and Rehabilitative Services
> Care Planning when the individual declines a PASRR-Identified Specialized and Rehabilitative Services

This update focuses on PASRR-Identified Specialized and Rehabilitative Services. Stay tuned for updates to the PASRR-Identified Community Placement Supports!

Don' t forget to register for our webinar series on Compliant Care Planning for Iowa PASRR:
3/1/16 | 2 to 3 PM | Click here to register
3/8/16 | 2 to 3 PM | Click here to register
3/22/16 | 2 to 3 PM | Click here to register

An abbreviated user guide is available in the Educational Tools section (below) to assist you with system navigation for the new ServiceMatters and PathTracker Plus programs. Contact the Ascend Iowa PASRR helpdesk if you need additional assistance.


Click here to view instructions for reporting DSM-5 diagnoses to Ascend.

 PASRR Tip of the Month
  • When completing the Service Monitoring assessment on the Service Matters page, it is important to note that the question worded "On the most recent MDS, what is the response to Section Q. item 0500 for this resident?" is asking for the individual's response to Q500. If the most recent MDS does not have an answer, do not mark it as unknown or uncertain. Go back to the most recent MDS in which the individual or their representative gave a response. If this question is marked unknown or uncertain, a discharge planning care plan with community services is required.
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