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Important Announcement: Ascend Email Set to Transition to Over to MAXIMUS

Email Transition 101 - A Primer on What to Expect During the Switch

We are excited to announce that Ascend will take an important step in the coming weeks, kicking off a transition from our current email addresses to email accounts. This change is scheduled to occur on June 5th.

How Will the Transition Affect Me?
Getting up to speed. There's a few things that you will need update to complete the setup process. Here are three simple steps to get you moving:

1. Create New Account
Starting June 5th, we will have a new secure email solution. You will need to create a new account once you receive a secure email from us.

2. Whitelist MAXIMUS Domain
You will need to add any "" accounts to the Safe Senders List, also called Whitelisting.

- Large entities, please inform your IT administrator.
- Small entities, click here for clear setup instructions.

3. Use New Email Addresses
Begin using the new accounts for each of your Ascend contacts in order to send/receive secure messages and schedule meetings. The email addresses will still receive emails, but those will be forwarded to the addresses.

Revised Smart Form available on CT IC Landing Page

The updated Connecticut PASRR Level II Assessment Tool goes live today, 8/1/16. For all evaluations beginning today, Independent Contractors (ICs) should begin using this updated form, provided on the IC landing page and linked below.

Assessments will not be considered complete unless completed on the new form. A complete, thorough, and accurate assessment is crucial for painting a clear and concise picture of the individual. This ensures we are making appropriate recommendations to best serve the individual.

ICs should discard all outdated forms and begin using this new form going forward. The old form will be acceptable only for any assessments currently in progress. Thank you for your assistance ensuring a successful tool roll-out!

Ascend has formalized our policy to not change Level I Decisions. Click here for more information.

To assist with ongoing training needs for use of Ascend's Nursing Facility System, Ascend has developed a brief training video entitled CT NF DO PASRR Pro Enhancements. We encourage you to view this training at your convenience to learn more about PASRR and how to interact with our PASRR Pro(TM) system. If you have any questions after viewing this video, contact us at the Ascend Connecticut Helpdesk: 877-431-1388 x. 3281.

The CT NF DO PASRR Pro Enhancements training video is available in the Educational Information section on this page.

Click here to view instructions for reporting DSM-5 diagnoses to Ascend.

Nursing Facilities: Ascend Long Term approvals for Nursing Facility placement are based on medical necessity and have nothing to do with an individual's finances. Long Term approval does not mean the individual cannot return to the community if their medical condition improves, or HCBS can be set up and services provided in a community setting.

Attn: All CT Providers
Clarification Regarding 60 day Convalescent Care

The 60 day Convalescent Care option is for persons with a serious mental illness Intellectual Disability, or Related Condition (RC). To use this option, the discharging provider must complete Level I and Level of Care referral screens and select Convalescent Care on the Level 1 form. A signed physician attestation that NF stay will likely be 60 days or less must be submitted with the referral. NF admission can occur after an Ascend Nurse Reviewer deems the request appropriate and provides an approval.


Please be informed both the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and the Provider Manual have been updated to include recent procedural changes. Please take a moment to download the latest copy of both.

Your team at Ascend

All Connecticut Providers:

Due to recent approval of a state plan amendment for PASRR a Level of Care (LOC) will no longer be required for 30 day Exempted Hospital Discharges (EHD).
If you have questions, please contact an Ascend Project Specialist.

Attn CT Providers: Be advised starting 7/1/11, retrospective reviews will require the approval from Ascend Manager and State Office. Individuals will not be approved retrospectively if a screen is not submitted timely. It is important to utilize WEBSTARs and tracking process to ensure timely filing.

 PASRR Tip of the Month
  • Providers: A signed Physician/ MD Attestation is required for all LOC reviews. If not received and uploaded, in a timely manner, the LOC approval is NOT VALID and can result in NF non-payment. A new or retrospective review may be required. It is the responsibility of the admitting NF to assure all LOCs have received a valid approval.
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